Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mieville, part 2

The first part of our journey through the Mieville sims focused on the southern five sims. My trip continued through the north.

Below, a Steampunk house in Mieville Kipling (apologies for the viewer controls visible on the picture):

Mieville Kipling 001

The harbor in Mieville Twain:

Mieville Twain 001

More refreshments! The exterior of the Mieville Brewery and Pub...

Mieville Twain 002

...and the interior of the pub. I like the gears on the beer draws.

Mieville Twain 003

A moss-covered building in Twain:

Mieville Twain 004

The disc jockey's musical apparatus on a floating dance floor:

Mieville Twain 005

The sun sets on a Steampunk house in Mieville Shelley:

Mieville Shelley 001

Another Steampunk house - with observatory! - in Mieville Stevenson:

Mieville Stevenson 001

Stevenson and its neighboring sim, Mieville Dickens, are described as "Victorian Steampunk Chinatown," and the Chinese-in-America theme can be seen throughout, including the gates below:

Mieville Dickens 001

This pagoda sits at the top of a hill, surrounded by lovely gardens:

Mieville Dickens 002

There you have it: a whirlwind tour of Mieville! I didn't mention the shops, most of which are Steampunk-themed, so take a full purse when you go.

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