Friday, June 27, 2008

Barsoom Express

For some time, I have been in need of a pair of vehicles: an airship, to cover the vast distances of Caledon and, indeed, other lands, and to make close contact with the many objects in that fly over our land; and a boat, to travel the various waterways that flow through the nation.

I purchased the Barsoom Express from Miss Ilsa "Madgirl" Munro the other day, killing the two proverbial birds with one proverbial stone. (Note to animal do-gooder groups: it's a metaphor, okay? No actual avian creatures were harmed in the purchase of this vehicle. At least not by me.) The vehicle is powered by steam and by cavorite, the former providing propulsion along the horizontal plane, the latter providing the ability to increase or decrease one's altitude. Furthermore, it flies across the water, a great plume of steam exiting from the vehicle as it moves. Although the controls took a little getting used to, I soon was able to explore Caledon Downs and Southend from the sky.

The little craft is the roadster of the airways! The large airships may hold more passengers, but are fairly lumbering creatures compared with the B.E. The ship is nimble, and can fit into areas that would positively impede a larger vehicle. Highly recommended!

My biggest concern now is learning to avoid colliding with buildings. I don't think anyone noticed me running into any structures, but at some point the accumulated chips out of the facade will become evident and the gendarmes will be after me...

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