Monday, June 16, 2008

Exploring the Mines

One of the great things about Caledon is the amazing visual variety one sees while passing through the land. At ground level, buildings and gardens, monuments and follies, streams and seas all catch the eye. Higher up, one sees airships moored among structures that reach well into the aether, and these often bear closer inspection. Occasionally one might even see permanent structures unmoored from the ground, powered by steam or perhaps cavorite.

Then there are the places hidden below the surface. Miss Bryndal Ellison and Mr. Subghoul Epsilon, in their aetherial journal Caledon Underground, have alerted surface-dwelling Caledonians to some of the nation’s subterranean treasures. As practitioners of the Dismal Science might say, I am happy to free-ride on their explorations. Inspired by Miss Ellison’s writings and fueled by a sense of adventure (and perhaps by a large brandy), I ventured into the cavorite mines in the Moors, and slipped into the lowest chamber.

Unfortunately, I was not alone.
Fortunately, I love crustaceans and have several nice recipes. Unfortunately, the creature had other ideas. (That's me in the near pod.)

Before my unfortunate confinement (from which I escaped thanks to my trusty Girl Guide pocket knife and a willingness to plop onto the cavern floor in a most unladylike fashion), I perused the ancient writings in the chamber.
I am no expert in translating runic languages, but it appears to be a plan for World Domination, using the crustacean race as slaves. I wonder how that worked out? That bone in the corner looks suspiciously human…

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