Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You Oughtta be in Pictures

I often forget to take snapshots when I’m out and about, particularly if other people are around and I’m gamely attempting to interact, or even just trying to follow multiple conversational threads. It’s exhausting! It just takes too much energy, so none remains to remember to hit the “snapshot” button.

(And does anyone know why my snapshots insist on including the menus, dialogue boxes, mini-map, and all the screen hoo-ha I most certainly do not want, even though I have unchecked the “Display hoo-ha” box in the settings? I’d be most grateful.) Edit: I see this is listed as a bug fix for RC 1.20.11. Well, that would be nice.)

As a result, Dear Reader, you will have to take my word for it that I was high above Loch Avie over the weekend, at Miss Martini Discovolanti’s Tiny Fashion Show to benefit Relay for Life. Just to be clear, I’m pretty sure that the show was fashions for tinies, as opposed to a very small fashion show. Anyway, I was there, for a time, at least, slumped over the bar, hoping for service. I suppose the bartender was a tiny and could not see over the counter and was therefore unaware he had a customer. I was very dry. Still, I made do.

To be honest, I don’t get the whole tinies thing, but to each her own. (Yes, you are all cute and cuddly, every last one of you! I’d take you home in a heartbeat, but I’m afraid my intentions would be misconstrued. I would array you on the bed like stuffed animals – hey, you, back there! I said, no snoring!) I stayed a while, made a donation to the RFL kiosk, and went on my merry way.

I suppose I should stay longer and mingle more at these soirees. There are so many I cannot make, as my typist insists on dragging me away, citing the press of “urgent” business. What could be so urgent about her life is beyond me. But when I am able to attend, I should make the most of it. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to keep track of multiple conversations going on about me – unlike voice communication, it is occasionally difficult to sort out to whom a comment is directed. In addition, even under the best of circumstances, I am not a black belt in small talk. It is particularly difficult when most of the usual subjects are off-limits: the weather (it’s always lovely), politics (let’s not go there), religion (ditto), and gossip (I don’t really know any – and, worse, if I did, I wouldn’t know who to tell). Though if one cannot get a conversation going with a Caledonian, one should give up.

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