Friday, June 27, 2008

(Steam SkyCity) Village People

Even in my relatively short time in Caledon, Steam SkyCity has undergone substantial changes: the addition of Mr. Denver Hax's Egyptian Hall, Miss Fogwoman Gray's Young Women's Caledon Association building, the new freebie area, the Mr. Vivito Volare's Warehouse Ballroom, the Unnatural Selection Labs (Miss Gray again, I believe), and, no doubt, others I have missed. Perhaps that's the nature of things aboard a city in the sky, where the floor wears out much sooner than, say, terra firma. I have also heard that Havok 4 has, er, played havoc with much of the underpinnings of the city.

Steam SkyCity has always been one of my favorite places in Caledon. The sheer audacity of a city in the sky seemed very steampunk to me, and, of course, the execution incorporates numerous steampunk elements. And the very streets seem quite appropriately claustrophobic.

The YWCA was started as an effort to provide a home for wayward Caledonian young ladies (and men, shockingly enough) who had no residences of their own, and to provide mentoring for those young ladies. Miss Gray started the YWCA shortly after I reached Caledon and was still homeless, so the opening was fortuitous indeed. She and Mr. Volare are now closing the YWCA, which makes me a little sad and nostalgic, but no doubt new and wonderful things will rise in its place. To commemorate the YWCA, I offer an exterior and an interior shot:

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