Friday, June 27, 2008

Dark Victorian Emporium

My typist holds down a day job. Sometimes it seems difficult to believe that she holds down any job at all, but there you have it. As a consequence, I have trouble arranging my schedule to attend social events during the (Eastern Time Zone) day during the week, or even to attend early-ish evening events (to say nothing of the late evening events) during the week, as a tired typist is a cranky typist. Ergo, I could not attend today's dance to commemorate the opening of the Dark Victorian Emporium.

Having missed the goth-themed dance - did I mention my typist holds down a day job? - there was nothing more to do but visit the emporium on my own. And a dark, creepy place it is! Located just off the Tanglewood hub, one walks through a stone courtyard, with a lighted fountain (just water, not least when I was there), through velvet curtains into the store itself.

Inside, to the left there are goth skins for women and men, and an "evil face light." As a proper young lady, I have no idea behind the purpose of the "wearable pubic hair" (for women only - doesn't the other sex get a fair shot at beneath-the-undergarment naughtiness?) - certainly one does not discuss such things; the idea that others might see such a thing is making me feel faint....

All right, I'm recovered now. To the right, clothing for women and men, by Fuschia Begonia, Eladrienne Lavel, and Lapin Paris (at least one item of which is already in my wardrobe).

Upstairs there is furniture, and home decor items, and miscellaneous items, including "guardian fish" from Virrginia Tombola. The second floor is less goth-themed than the first, but ghouls will still enjoy it.

The roof was still set up for the dance - hello? job? - but appears to be an all-purpose open-air patio. The roof has another fountain, but this one doesn't appear to contain water...

Dark Victoria Emporium brings Victorian gothic styles to Caledon Tanglewood. See for yourself...if you have the nerve!

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