Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Caledon at SL5B - Part 1

My first attempt at semi-live blogging. We'll see how it goes.

I'm at Caledon's exhibit at the Second Life Birthday area in, quite reassuringly, the Second Life Birthday sim (93,37,23)

Other than truly mind-numbing lag, the build is amazing! One enters through a steampunk-ish set of gates (guarded tonight by Mr. Nurdbot McNeil - see picture below), where the welcoming sign awaits, and then finds a path through a lovely wooded area. A hollow log and a small building for tinies starts the build, and at one end of the exhibit is a replica of the Victoria City central gazebo - complete with hat on top!

Next there is a small wooden building with a table and chair, containing a copy of the 8 Wonders of Caledon book.

Moving further into the exhibit, several cobblestone streets are laid out, with a variety of Caledonian-style houses on either side - complete with a Caledon street lamp-cum-payment box!

This lag will be the death of me.

Many of the buildings also contain information on Caledonian groups. There is the Merry Widows - the cookies and toxicology book are clear enough, but the captions on the urns are downright unnerving - "Thankfully he sleeps"? "My widow yearns to be comforted"? Methinks some of the marriages were not rock-steady.

The next street contains buildings for the Forums, Relay for Life (with moving pieces by the Guvnah and other Caledonians on their personal connections to cancer), the Library, an old brownstone that turns out to be nothing but facade - it has a marvelous false front -, a "town square" with a column in the middle and a Bunneh on top (!), the Caledon Calliope, a building with many Caledonian pictures (including the cover of the initial issue of the Strand magazine) of both people and placees (and a cabinet from West Trade Imports, hmmm!), and a Victorian-era warehouse of steampunk information plus mushrooms, minerals, an En Garde! set, a steam locomotive, and a Tesla tower.

Above us is an airship, steam-powered (naturally), with tail fins in Caledon's colors, moving propellors, and belching black smoke.

I apologize to any builders for any parts of the exhibit I overlooked or babbled incorrectly over. Again, it's amazing, it has to be seen, live with the lag. More pictures tomorrow!

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