Monday, December 28, 2009

Armada Breakaway Again

Having heard of changes to the floating city of Armada Breakaway, I took the Steamray out of storage and set out across the ocean in search of the flotilla. Before reaching the main group, I encountered Scar's Edge - a breakaway of a breakaway, of sorts. Scar's Edge is owned by a Captain Static, a piratess, by all appearances.

A barrage of small-arms fire convinced me this was not a place to seek information or hospitality, so I beat a hasty retreat into the airship and traveled to the main group of vessels.

The changes were indeed great. More of the area seems to be devoted to stores (and thus less to RP areas) than before.

Below, an amusement park.

The photograph of the oil refinery is for Rhianon. *winks*

The lighthouse is a thoughtful touch, though any invading ships are more likely to suffer from cannon fire than running aground on a reef.

This gent has been at the helm a long time.

Fortunately, the new Armada Breakaway has a bar, just as the old one did. And so this tale ends the way all good ones do: with a beverage in hand.

(Disclaimer: this Journal does not endorse drinking and flying. Please obey all local laws regarding intoxication and operation of vehicles. Your mileage may vary. Disclaimer does not include taxes, tags, or delivery. Offer not valid in some states.)


Remi said...

Lovely blog and pics! Next time you are in town, I will show you some more of the seedier joints and Rp spots around the city.

Kathy Jameson said...

Why, thank you! I look forward to it - the seedier spots are usually the ones that are more fun.