Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mayfair Town Hall

Many changes have come to Caledon Mayfair since the last time I set foot in that fair section of the nation. Mr. Steadman Kondor has purchased much of the town, styled himself the Duke of Mayfair, and constructed a magnificent town hall.

Below, the ducal offices inside the town hall.

The building is currently housing an art exhibit entitled "Wanderer: A Collection of Art from Romantic Genius Caspar David Friedrich." Below, the upstairs parlor.

Adjascent to the town hall is a plot dubbed Autumn Park. Around the town square, Mr. Kondor has rented out a number of shops. Current tenants include Third Life Books, Pemberly, Four Winds, Trosca Photography, and Mr. Kondor's own publishing business.

Behind the town hall, on the waterfront, is a spot called Jules Verne Wharf, which consists of a glasshouse and a library (not to be confused with the Mayfair Library, part of the Caledon library system). The glasshouse currently hosts an exhibit, in conjunction with the Steelhead Library, on the Wright Brothers. The exhibit, which runs through January 1, is curated by Miss Riven Homewood, of Steelhead. The library, shown below, has titles of interest to adventurous souls.

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