Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rendervisions Isle - Whimsy and an Airship Tour

Rendervisions Isle is a delightful combination of shops and sheery whimsy. While I enjoy shopping, the mall concept is tedious in both lives. Merchants in the Steamlands generally seem to understand this, and place shops within a historical context (or a quasi-historical context, in the case of Steampunk-themed lands) that provide entertainment while the merchants separate the shopper from her Lindens. Elsewhere, the combined experience seems less common.

The good folk in Rendervisions Isle even provide an airship tour, courtesy of the airship Bein Hiril. I waited until the appointed time and hopped in.

The tour runs about 15 minutes, and criss-crosses the entire sim. Once safely on the ground (or, rather, on the airship dock), the shops are worth a closer look. For example, the wonderful Curio Obscura:

If walking is not compatible with one's wardrobe, take the open-air cab ride. (Don't get too near the driver, as he pecks.)

Cross the covered bridge... the Builders Brewery...

...and to Londinium Gearworks.

As these shops indicate, a Steampunk theme runs through many of the shops. Beyond these, there is Heron Curiosities, FroZone Creations, and an artists' community, the Art Door.


Wynd Ling said...
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Wynd Ling said...

wow thanks for touring and taking the time to write about our Isle. If you should ever want to know more about the place contact the creators and founders of The Art Door and Rendervisions Isle, Cherry Hotaling or Wynd Ling

Kathy Jameson said...

My pleasure, Miss Ling. It's a fun spot to visit.