Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rechara - BlakOpal's Island

When Dr. Fabre mentioned that Mr. Trilobyte Zanzibar and Miss BlakOpal Galacia had opened their own Steampunk-themed island for the flagship location of their store, I had to see for myself.

The island contains much more than the BlakOpal store: balloons and airships...

...and the Eridu Society airship outpost, which contains a cafe (which, as in every other cafe these days, is filled with some thoughtless person monopolizing a table just to type on a Difference Engine, buying perhaps a single cup of coffee over the course of hours).

Hmm, is that a still?

A book shop, a cozy nook (called "Local Shop," for some reason) with pictures of the Steamlands for sale, a warehouse, and a cafe are all available for exploration or just sitting. (A number of places are unfurnished, suggesting a work in progress.)

Ships are docked in the harbors, presumably taking goods to other BlakOpal destinations throughout the Steamlands.

And, of course, the store itself. I confess to picking up a new dress and some outerwear during my visit - the latter a nod to the change of seasons that is upon us.
I was accosted (via IM) by a cad named Alexis Gravois, who said, "tell to your friend to stop or i will make you banned both." Bewildered, I replied to Mr. Gravois, "What are you talking about? I'm here by myself and not doing anything but looking." He never replied. If he is a member of the BlakOpal team - and nothing indicated he is - his customer relations need improving.

The island is worth an extended visit and a leisurely stroll. Be sure to bring a full purse!


Trilo Byte said...

Egads! I'm terribly sorry to hear about your experience with that SL resident. He is neither a friend nor an acquaintance, and has in fact already been banned from our land for assaulting and threatening another resident. Please be assured that the only residents who are part of the BlakOpal Designs team are myself (TriloByte Zanzibar) and my wonderful partner Miss BlakOpal Galicia.

As for the rest of your entry, thank you so much for your kind words and beautiful photos of Reachra. The work is indeed still in progress, we have high hopes of creating a fun place to explore.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Good grief, a griefer! My apologies, Mr. Zanzibar, for wrongly suggesting he might have been an associate of yours.

I do like the idea that it's more than just a store - the destination is worth it on its own. I look forward to seeing how the island evolves.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Everytime I see the place, I want to go more and more!

I just need to finish Borderlands first...