Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pumping Oil

My typist has spent a great deal of time studying the petroleum industry over the past dozen years, and thus has a fascination with oil platforms, refineries, and other industry hallmarks.

I stumbled across this platform by accident and, of course, had to fly in for a closer look.

The platform is just about the only thing in a strip of three sims that appears to connect Northern and Southern land masses, all owned by Governor Linden. I suppose he has to supply his energy needs from somewhere.

I can envision a string of crude oil pipelines running to refineries on various continents, and still more pipelines bringing refined products to local markets.

Good thing Caledon runs on clean, coal-powered steam! *cough, cough*


Breezy Carver said...

Good THing Indeed *grins*
isn't that clever an Oil Rig !!!
must visit soon .. delightful slippery share there !!!!

Mako Magellan said...

I think I visited this about three years ago, having taken a ferry between the two large landmasses.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

MAN ALIVE RHIA! That's the famous ANWR prim rig! It drills raw prims from the grid, pumps them up and ships north to the Heterocera Atoll. Go inside and take a looksee, you can see the raw prims travelling through the system (unless it is borked as sometimes happens - Havok 4 I think). It's supplying the grid with raw Primolium!


If you fly south from the rig you hit Sansara, the first continent, and heading a few sims south you cross the colour sims until you eventually arrive at the oldest land in SL. In fact Da Boom was the first sim switched on. There you'll find my olf home, Murray, the first city, Nova Albion (around the the sim Grignano), the now decimated wonder that was Nexus Prime, the equally forgotten wild west town of Oak Grove and the one time games sim of Rizal.

Northern Sanasara also contains Lusk, the original furry colony that's still going strong and a prime example of a friendly, tolerant society in SL. You can also find the lost village of Cowell and the wonderful forest of Kahruvel to its north (not to mention Abbott's Areodrome to its west!)

I started a road trip a lifetime ago, but it was stalled this year and hasn't restarted yet.


I'm a SL history bore ;-D

p.s. My good friend Nish Mip is also on a road trip - her posts are huge and amazingly info pack - you must take a look: http://nishmip.wordpress.com

Rhianon Jameson said...

This just show that what I don't know would fill volumes. :) I didn't see any prim pumping when I was there - dang environmentalists worrying about the caribou, or something, I suppose.

Thanks for the history, HBA - and you're not a SL history bore at all; as Mr. Magellan knows, I appreciated his personal recollections of Steamlands history, and have urged others to do the same. (And I'll be sure to look at the links.) It's funny how Mainland geography confuses me. I suspect that it's because the Mainland is so big that walking is impractical, so one TPs from place to place, and never really gets a sense of spatial relationships. I've been to Nexus Prime and Lusk many moons ago but, even though I spent some time exploring neighboring sims to the ANWR platform, I never had the impression I was near either one of those areas.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I still never know where I am in the world - I often wonder what it must be like for thre real oldbies having seen their village spring into a toen, then a city and then a world in almost the blink of an eye. Only thre truly dedicated can continue exploring inthe face of such rampant expansion...