Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Syzygy in Winter

Mr. Elric Anatine kindly mentioned that Syzygy Selene, the area he shares with Miss Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks was ready for winter and invited guests to see for themselves how Mother Nature (and the residents) have decorated.

I found a helicopter - I recall thinking excitedly that Galileo turned out to be correct after all, that such a craft was possible! - and used it to tour the islands. Despite my unfamiliarity with the craft, it turned out to be surprisingly easy to pilot, and in no time at all I was swooping and darting my way through the air.

The unfortunate owner of this craft was not as lucky.

A home high in the skies:

Just one slice won't ruin my diet, will it?

An ancient lighthouse stands guard.

Mr. Anatine's house shimmers in the moonlight and snow.

In deference to the season, ice skating by the water is available. If one has a significant other, romantic nooks abound. Other residents have made their own contributions...just dress warmly!

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