Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bay City, Day 3 - Into Nova Albion

I had wanted to attend the Oxbridge Christmas ball I crossed into Miramare, and headed toward the Nova Albion infohub. For the most part, my route had been sparsely populated, save at the infohubs. This was no exception. I moved in to see who might be exchanging ideas when I came upon this scene. As I have a philosophical objection to people who ride pot-smoking creatures, I avoided them.

Instead of good old-fashioned steam, these people seem to burn oil for fuel. That can't end well. Below, the Second Life Oil & Petroleum Co., for SLOPCO.

For a completely different style of power, how about a windmill? It was like seeing a little piece of Holland dropped into the city. Built by Mrs. Pituca FairChang (with a remarkable 5/17/03 rez date), it's a little haven of the old-fashioned among the modern.

The architecture of the era was not soothing. Some pieces were quite creative, while others made me fear for the future.

Spelling aside, the Armord store was impressive in its own way, though not so aesthetically pleasing. And wait - is that a panda climbing up the tower to the right? By Jove, I think it is!

The nostalgic part of the journey comes in the next and final installment, as I travel through the Ahern infohub.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Ha! Lord where do I start? First off you do right avoiding the people at the info-hub, the Brickwarmers as they call themselves. Most are OK, but some key ones are right royal pain the arse.

But the Info-hub itsef deserves attention - it was built by Salazar Jack back in the days when LL granted powers to residents who were successful in their bid to do so (this was 2004 iirc, the end of the tele-hub days). On one side of the bridge over the road and tramway there are a few fragments of a much older city - they were discovered by Magallen Linden and the 4 sims that make up Nova Albion were built on top of what is believed to be a great city all but destroyed in a terrible event known as The Great Erase (

Armord is one of the first robot/mech builders in SL and they still do a nice line in steampunk ‘jet’packs & ‘jet’boots. Across the water from Armord is a Japanese style villa which was the Linden’s ‘re-training’ ground for newbies who needed to refresh their memories about things on Orientation Island.

The buildings in the background of the windmill pic are the Brownstones and were built by Salazar Jack to recreate his family home in the world that was erased before SL was re-gridded. There is a great café, furniture store, private detective office, book store, reclaimed furniture, clothes store and two galleries (photography and art). These galleries are owned by wonderful friends Osprey Therian and Enjah Mysterio:


Outside the brownstones use to stand an enormous arch that was built by Salazar Jack and LordFirefly Didgerdoo (sp?) – last I saw it had fallen over :(

Rhianon Jameson said...

It's hard to see everything, much less understand the relevance, so I appreciate the history lesson. :)

I saw some of Salazar Jack's creations en route, though not the infohub (or at least not in much detail). I'll have to sneak in when the Brickwarmers - great term, by the way - have their attention elsewhere.

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I'm really hoping Santa (or at the least, Mrs Antfarm) gets me Hamlet's book for Xmas - to read about SL from the start is as close as I'll get to having been there :)

Also, forgot to say, the SlopCo site is amazing and one of the first places I heard about having a random act of RP - there was a fire there and everyone from NA (and lots of Lindens - these were early days when the Linden to Populace ratio was still quite good) turned up - I *think* Philip came to see it too.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Yes, I've resisted Hamlet's book so far, but I might have to break down and get it.