Friday, December 11, 2009

Weimar Berlin Revisited

I recently revisited the era of Weimar Berlin, finding that it has expanded since my earlier visit.

One can stop for a hair styling...

...or listen to the latest vinyl recordings.

I marveled at how small they were now making players!

The library contains numerous volumes on the Weimar Republic and the culture of the time - essentially, Berlin in the 20s, between the two great wars.

The sim remains a fairly strict RP area, with a stern warning to dress in period costume (though no one complained about my 1940s-era dress, so perhaps close counts). Despite the fact that, historically, this was an era in which the National Socialists rose in popularity, ultimately taking power, the one deviation from historical accuracy upon which the sim owners insist is: no Nazis. In some sense this is a loss, as RP involving the contrast between the decadent old regime and the awful regime-yet-to-come might be interesting. No doubt some would take it too far, though, ruining the experience for everyone.

I don't recall if the church, above, was in place during my previous visit, but the art gallery, below, is surely a new addition.

When I was there, rehearsals for some sort of a live show - perhaps a burlesque-style show - were underway, so I did not bother any of the performers. I saw a lady of the evening, lounging in a doorway, waiting for a customer so she could ply her trade. (Not that I'm suggesting anything to the gentlemen of the Steamlands.)

Interestingly, the day before this was scheduled to post, Mrs. Dio Kuhr mentioned that she had just visited the sim and would be writing up her recollections of her visit; this lovely - and far more detail-oriented - post can be found here, and is well worth reading if you have not done so already, Dear Reader.


Dio said...

hey Rhia,

thanks for the plug.

I like how we saw and experienced different things in the build, which I think is an indication of its complexity and depth.

I definitely need to go find that library.

Frau Jo said...

Thanks for the Blog about our project!
You're right, many people think we are very strict on the clothing but generally, after having a lot of people running around like half naked 1970s disco stars, we are happy if people at least bother and dress up historically.
Eventually the people who keep coming back switch to more authentic clothing.
I must also say that many of the 30s and 40s dresses sometimes fit the bill, as long as they are long enough.
And for some strange reason many of the 'flapper dresses' you can get in SL (not in our Berlin) are MUCH shorter then the 40s dresses and thus even more unauthentic.
SL is a weird world ;)

Rhianon Jameson said...

I'm no expert on period clothing...I was hoping to get away with being fairly innocuous, and either succeeded or encountered RPers who were too polite to say anything. :)

I wasn't being critical of the clothing requirement as much as I was warning any potential visitors not to show up in their 1970s disco star outfits. Though perhaps tight spandex pants and spangled shirts that show a great deal of chest would fit in well with more daring aspects of 1920s Berlin society. :D

Indeed, though, SL is a weird argument from me on that!