Saturday, February 20, 2010

Caledon Newcomers' Association

The Young Women's Caledon Association may have closed, but Mrs. Fogwoman Volare (nee Gray) has not slowed her efforts to assist those new to our fair lands. She has converted a spacious Four Winds house (designed by Miss Koshari Mahana) on Aether Isle into the Caledon Newcomers' Association.

The house opens into a clubby parlor (complete with an armchair for tinies!) with an inviting tea trolley. A perfect location for listening to old-timers swap lies about how great Caledon used to be. :)

The next room contains information about Caledon and Steampunk, including a set of mushrooms and minerals, and a kiosk with information about Steampunk gadgets, movies and television shows, and books.

Upstairs, one room has a number of free items - generally the items from the Looters' Emporium in Steam Sky City, and Dame Ordinal's free items from her late, lamented store. Note the authentically eyeball-scraping wallpaper.

The other room upstairs contains a nook with a bed (sorry, newcomers - the only thing one can do in this particular bed is read a book) and a vendor with free poses and animations (!).

The only thing lacking in the house for newcomers is a sign warning them to stay away from the basement of the Little Sisters convent next door...

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