Friday, February 26, 2010

Hypnosis in Cape Wrath

A new establishment opened in Cape Wrath the other day: the Hypnotic Shoppe, owned by Miss Wendyslippers Charisma.

The store is stocked with a variety of devices that facilitate hypnosis (as one might imagine), as well as devices that involve involuntary restraint, and apparel made of a material called "latex."

I tried a hypnosis machine, but, I must report, I felt no particular compulsions afterward. Cluck! (Just a little humor there.) Afterward, I had a lengthy discussion on the subject of hypnosis with the lady pictured above.

I welcome the latest entrepreneur to our fair lands. Although her goods are doubtless...unusual for the staid, reserved residents of our community, I have no doubt that the famed Caledonian spirit will provide a warm welcome to Miss Charisma.

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