Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Mother Road

I never got my kicks on Route 66, but the road has passed into legend. In-world, I saw an advertisement for the The Mother Road, and set out to investigate.

It's a sim that is part AM Radio's Far and Away, part small town America.

Really? I can die here? I made a note to be very careful.

The lag was deadly, so perhaps that's what the sign meant. In any event, I made it to the diner, where a serious flirtation was underway. I didn't interrupt.

The Texaco star was still rising high in this town.

What would a small town be without a small wood-framed church?

An America that is long gone, if it ever really existed.

Like the AM Radio installations, the sim is surrounded by barriers that provide the atmospheric lighting, so there is no need to rely on SL's default settings. Unfortunately, the barriers don't always fit tightly, so there are jarring effects as one border meets another. (I tried to crop pictures so these borders did not show.)

The Mother Road is a fun jaunt down a Route 66-like setting, if one ignores the terrible lag. It's only one sim, however, so the end of the road comes all too soon, and one has to return to one's own version of reality.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Mmmmm, he does that american nostalgia soooooo well :)

Rhianon Jameson said...

Or, at any rate, a fake, fuzzy-memory version of American nostalgia. The Plains that Never Existed, one supposes.

(As a complete aside, the mystery writer Carol O'Connell's 2007 book in the Kathy Mallory series, "Find Me," unfurls along the historical Route 66, with various murders occurring at famous locales along the road - a travelogue that was as interesting as the actual mystery.)