Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Few Words on My Inability to Multitask

It's been one of those weeks - again. Snow on Saturday, shovel on Sunday. Snow on Wednesday. Snow predicted for this Saturday, and maybe again next Tuesday. If I wanted to live in Volare-land, I would have moved there! (Though I shouldn't complaint too much: as bad as the mid-Atlantic states are at snow removal and residents who are unprepared to drive on slushy streets, I am led to believe that our friends and fellow travelers in the UK are even worse off when small amounts of wet solid stuff falls from the sky, and they've had their share of such events this winter.) In between watching it snow, cleaning up afterward, worrying about the next snowfall, and complaining about the whole thing, I've been obsessing about an upcoming office move - other than my telephone, computer, coffee maker, and whatever is still on the top of my desk, my work life is contained in 16 or so crates, and will remain that way for another week and a half - and obsessing for no good reason, as everything beyond the packing is being taken care of by someone else.

On the home front, I've been wrestling with living in a two-computer setup, mainly with efforts to get iTunes on the Mac to understand that the actual music lives on a networked PC. Really, this shouldn't be so hard, but even the directions thoughtfully written down on the Aetherweb and obtainable through the Googles have yet to work.

All of which is to say that I've been lax in my explorations in-world, and still more lax in writing them down. I've made an initial foray into Deadwood, having meant to do so months and months ago, and running out of time to see this version of the town before it is rebooted in March. More on my brief visit at a later date.

Also, the good people of New Toulouse have created a fun mystery to solve. I will have more on this as well in a few days, but I wanted to mention it now, because the mystery runs through the end of the month only. As much an effort to showcase this Louisiana-inspired estate as anything, the "Basin Street Irregulars" have constructed a plot, twenty clues obtained via notecards throughout New Toulouse and the adjoining Algiers sims, and a HUD to track one's progress with the promise of a prize at the end. Each clue provides a general location of the next, and some indication of the object to be found, so this is more like a hunt than, say, New Babbage's recent mystery. Still, it's fun, the objects have generally not been so difficult to find as to be frustrating (though I did spend a great deal of time in at least one location and thus fell short of finishing last night), and one sees much of the towns along the way. Read about the crime in the New Toulouse Tattler, then visit the link above, to Laveau Square, where more information, including the first clue and the HUD, is available.


Breezy Carver said...

Ohhh My !!! I must venture into that mystery as well *grins*
How ironic i am in between systems myself i am so lost .. laughing .. and behind in all worlds how did that happen !!

Mako Magellan said...

I suggest that the multi-tasking of which many boast these days is a myth, really, judging by the poor retention that seems to be concomitant with short attention spans. The hallowed ability to hold several conversations simultaneously, just to take one present-day example, seems not to encompass any great depth of thought in even one conversation. It's a bad thing, I say, this multi-tasking stuff.

Yours, an obsessive single-tasker.

Rhianon Jameson said...

One can always rely on friends to raise one's spirits! Miss Breezy, by all means do visit New Toulouse and play along. Much fun. (For example, I had a delightful in-character conversation with two N.T. prostitutes along the way.)

Mr. Magellan, I'm not certain how obsessive I am as a single-tasker, but I agree it's much better to do one well than several poorly. You've convinced me I shouldn't worry about attempting to multi-task well.