Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New to the Downs - February

Time once again for a roundup of my new neighbors. It seems as though every few weeks I find that a number have moved out and new folk arrive to own their little corner of Caledon. (Those who find these recaps dull should take this opportunity to move on.)

Next door to me is Miss SpinWeaver Radmussen's charming cottage, nestled just in front of the cliff that separates the "upper" and "lower" parts of the Downs.

Sadly, the Steampunk Resource Centre, run by my friend Miss Sea Beaumont, is closing at the end of the month, which will leave a large hole in the Downs, both literally and figuratively. For the last few weeks, Miss Beaumont has returned the "Angel of the North" statue that graced the original design of the Centre.

Miss Jillian Vayandar has opened an apothecary shop near her house in Glengarry, by the Downs border. As the sign notes, the shop sells Lord MacKenzie's Awesome Sauce - and with those ingredients, how could it fail to live up to its name?

The exterior of the Ridge Apothecary Shoppe:

The former Qork property has been acquired by a M. Mariya Obolensky (any relation to Doctor G. Obolensky of New Babbage?) and M. Aurigon Draconia.

Up the hill, toward SouthEnd, stands the residence of Sargent O'Hanlon, complete with chickens, bringing a more rustic flair to the Downs.

Miss Anna Darwinian is endeavoring to continue the project of the late Mr. Qork, collecting photographs from our typists that showcase their countries.

Mr. Chance Tryce has a fine estate near the air park:

Finally, Mr. Monty Streusel has converted his estate to house Monty's Paintings (one must enter his house and then TP to his gallery far above to see his SL photographs for sale).

The number of original Downs owners continues to shrink. Once the Steampunk Resource Centre closes, my recollection is that Professor Swindlehurst, Mr. Bubba Daniels and the air field, Miss Avariel Falcon, and I will be the remaining original owners.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

I, for one, don't get bored with these. Even though I've never lived there and don't know anyone who does (bar yourselves) I enjoy reading your posts about the everyday comings and goings in the Downs - they mirror the wider flow and ebb of SL and carry with them all the same sadness and poignancy that I find so strangely appealing about SL. I'm a cheerful soul but with a melancholic streak that almost seeks out such tales of loss. I have to keep telling myself - every departed neighbour means a new one is coming. I wrote a post on this many moons ago:

Rhianon Jameson said...

I hear you - people come, then go, then others come. We have to get over the losses and look forward to meeting the newcomers; otherwise, it's too sad to keep going. And hey, those who move on are often doing something they find more worthwhile, so we should be happy for them.

I like keeping track of the neighbors because (a) I'm nosy that way, and (b) it's fun to see what people do with their plots. Oh, and I guess (c) someone, somewhere, might have the faintest interest in what, say, Caledon Downs looked like in February 2010. :)

HeadBurro Antfarm said...

It's a very good point - I think the journaling of these things is vital for helping chart the history of our homes. I wish more people had done so at the start of SL - it's so hard to track back the history of the early sims :(