Monday, February 22, 2010

Neighbors, Yet Again

Just a quick update this time: in my little corner of the Downs, where it meets Glengarry, more changes in real estate ownership. First, in Glengarry, the former site of the Gothlys is now owned by Miss Gerr Huntress and Mr. Rachire Andel, and has a small waterfall (behind the house in the picture below) flowing down from the hill behind the house.

As I flew over in the Hangover Two, the Caledon Air Transport airship was passing overhead, making for this interesting shot:

On the edge of the Downs, Miss Doris Frostbite is constructing her lair on the site previously owned by Miss Lavendar Beaumont. Construction notes suggest one of her interests is World Domination, so I will keep a close eye on developments in that parcel. Others who share her interest may consider themselves on notice.

Miss Parakeet Unplugged sold her property to Sir Thaib Yosuke and his wife, Lady Dawn Starbrook, and they erected this cottage:

The guard dog turns out to have a bark worse than his bite. Perhaps I simply intimidated him.

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