Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Account of the Heinous Attack on Steam Sky City

Miss Riven Homewood has kindly posted a detailed account of the attack on, and subsequent destruction of, Steam Sky City the other night; this rendering may be found here. As with any effort to cobble together various eyewitness accounts immediately following a shocking incident, there are discrepancies among the participants and a disjointed feeling, as though key facts are missing. This is only natural.

Miss Homewood also recounts some curious personal events - she claims to have "died" at one point, and conducted a conversation with another shade who purported to be one of the perpetrators. She is, of course, distraught at the events of the night, and such an episode, though improbable, should be read with sympathy. (And, as strange events occur with improbable regularity in the Steamlands, one should not reject the hypothesis that such a death did, in fact, occur.)

On a personal note, I fervently hope that the villains who perpetrated this foul deed are brought to justice swiftly. Furthermore, despite the unpleasant outcome, it warms my heart to hear of the courage and sacrifice I have come to expect of Caledonians and, indeed, those in the Steamlands more generally. I also commend the Volares for turning almost immediately to rebuilding the city so that it will soon return to its position as a shining monument to the triumph of Steam.


Vivito Volare said...

There has been little press on this affair. More ink is spilled on the subject of who did what to whom wearing this or that at whichever event so-and-so did or didn't whatnot.

For the best really.

Events of this magnitude should be handled swiftly and unceremoniously.

Rhianon Jameson said...

Don't knock dishing on who did what to whom, Mr. Volare - it keeps us hack journalists in business!

An OOC comment: it's too bad you and Mrs. V are so many time zones away (and that I'm such a crabby old go-to-bed-early type), because I guessed that dancing wasn't going to be the only excitement that night, and I'm sorry I missed it.