Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Piece of Caledon History Disappears

Victoria City is changing. First, Miss Ellison closed her long-standing furniture store. Now word has come that Mr. Edward Pearse is closing the VC branch of his long-standing clothing store, Pearse'd & Cut.

Could this be true? I wondered. I hailed a cab. "Victoria City, please - Pearse'd & Cut." The cabbie knew his way, and in little time he opened the door for me in front of the store. "Here ya are, lady. I hope ya know whatcher doin', though, 'cause this store don't look open."

Indeed, the store had a neglected look about it.

Inside, however, was the real proof that Lord Primbroke was moving on: he had shuttered the store and removed the merchandise.

I sighed, and took these pictures for my scrapbook. True, Pearse'd & Cut was not disappearing, nor was its owner. But another part of Caledon's history was going.

Stepping back outside, I returned to the waiting hack. "Let's take a tour of Victoria City. I want to know what else has changed recently." With a cheery "Yes, mum!" - one could almost see his brain calculating the fare this would bring him - he tapped the horse and took off.

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