Friday, March 19, 2010

Does the Air Feel Thin?

I heard from Lord and Lady Middlesea via ISC chat that Miss Ilsa Munro had pulled up stakes and left our fair land. One hopes that this is only a temporary retrenchment, as Miss Munro, in addition to making very fine airships (my attachment to the Steamray not withstanding), is a very fine person. If she has indeed departed forever, I wish her happiness and good flying wherever she finds herself.

The news made me decide to take the Steamray for an idle spin about the Firth.

The things one finds when flying about Caledon!

At the edge of Kittiwickshire, Miss Storm Chatnoir has a property. On the property - or, more precisely, above this property - is the structure shown both above and below. The intake fan appears to be sucking material out of the very aether! Below, a closer look at the system. I had to steer clear of the area to avoid becoming part of a second story, or perhaps a sun room.

If the air feels thin in Caledon, now you know why.

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