Monday, March 22, 2010

The Purple Prom for RFL

On Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Volare (Fogwoman Gray), co-chair of Caledon's RFL team, hosted a dance in lush Tanglewood Forest to kick off Caledon's RFL events. Miss Soliel Snook played upbeat music from a variety of eras.

Miss Snook dances with Mr. Gabriel Psaltery.

Miss Garnet Psaltery, Prim Perfect publisher Miss Saffia Widdershins, and Caledon newcomer Miss Kirey Somersley. Mr. Psaltery is the nephew of long-time Caledonian Miss Psaltery.

Miss Elize Foxclaw dances with Mr. Monty Streusel.

Miss Ranma Tardis.

I dance. My neighbor, Miss SpinWeaver Radmussen, is in the background.

Miss Widdershins.

Mr. and Mrs. Vivito Volare.

Miss Darlingmonster Ember, in a most magical gown.

The dapper Mr. Bodhisatva Paperclip.

Miss Elizabeth Burleigh, with Miss Random Wezzog in the background.

Though the event started out a little short of gentlemen (though, with the exception of Mr. Paperclip, not short gentlemen, I hasten to add), others, including Professor Paracelsus Schonberg and Mr. Jorge Serapis, arrived. No doubt this is but the first event for Caledon's RFL team.

One can only wonder what the fund-raising capabilities of a combined Steamlands team might be...

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