Saturday, March 13, 2010

Closings, Openings, and Hanging On

Changes. I seem to keep harping on them, but perhaps this Journal is nothing but a chronicle of the changes I see.

First up is the sad news: Mr. Mako Magellan reports that he is closing Magellan Straits. Magellan Kinvera, the adjoining sim, will remain, and house Mr. Magellan's line of clothing, as will with clothing stores locations in Victoria City and Kittiwickshire.

This likely means the demise of the famed Crystal Palace - an architectural marvel in both our realm as well as that Other Life. As spectacular is the Palace, one cannot help but feel that it never was an efficient use of space. Still, I'll miss this silent gent:

He was always sharply dressed, but I could never start a conversation with him. And what other sim has kangaroos?

Moving back to Caledon Penzance, Royal Caledon Air Force leader Zoe Connolly reported that a sale of the Connolly-Messmer Aerodrome was imminent. Fortunately, only hours later, she posted an update that the financial pressures were reduced for the next few months.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a more permanent solution to maintain Caledon's air defences.

Finally, we have the discovery of an older piece of Caledon's history. I traveled to the Highlands, disembarking from the train near the Museum of Steam recently noted in this Journal.

From there, I descended into the earth to find this Mysterious Cavern:

According to Mr. Ambiant Kukulcan: "During the recent construction of the Harbour Shoppes in the southern portion of Caledon Highlands an unusual cavern was unearthed containing the well preserved remains of an early 19th century electrical laboratory."

So there you have it: comings and goings. Changes.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Why didn't he speak?

Rhianon Jameson said...

He was a manequin - or a mane-bot, I suppose. Blessed with Mr. Magellan's style, but not his vocabulary. :)