Monday, March 15, 2010

Extra - Piracy Aboard Steam Sky City!

[This is a rush account of the accounts described below. Though the author has made every effort to portray events accurately and thoroughly, this Journal makes no assurances.]

Yesterday afternoon, at approximately 2 p.m. SLT, word came to This Correspondent that Steam Sky City was under attack! Several fires were burning, and the perpetrators of the foul deed were unknown - yet were possibly lying in wait to assault any would-be salvage attempt.

Lady Caer Firnas (Mrs. Volare) sent out a garbled but troubling distress call, reporting fires aboard the Sky City. I believe her exact words were, "Has anyone noticed that Steam Sky City appears to be on fire?" Such calm in the face of adversity!

I was in the area and already aboard my airship, so I changed course and flew to the affected area. Several large fires were immediately visible, as was the large charred section of the landing deck (see three figures below). I was unequipped with fire-fighting apparatus, so I attempted to stay out of the way of those coming to the rescue.

Captain Rachire Andel of the Crimson Pirates flew in and executed a daring landing on the blazing deck. (His craft is below mine and about to land in the photograph two below.) He immediately took steps to douse the blaze.

He was joined shortly by a committed group of Caledonians intent on stopping the remaining fires. This was largely accomplished, though one or two small conflagrations could still be seen.

By then, the RCAF, in the form of Captain Dan Gervasi, had arrived. Captain Gervasi attempted to secure the scene. With so many aircraft in the area, however, and, being good Caledonians, all armed to the teeth, the inevitable happened: several friendly fire incidents. However, though good fortune, no one was hurt and no aircraft seriously damaged. Everything was sorted out through a comedy of errors series of communications through the ISC channel. Captain Gervasi declared that the airspace was secure, and ordered other pilots to remove themselves from the scene.

I landed and began a brief reconnaissance of the city. It was clear that the villains were not content with setting fires; they had also vandalized parts of the structure. Below, Mrs. Volare surveys the damage in the Volare Warehouse.

The Green Fairy Tavern was also severely damaged. Mrs. Volare's beloved Abney Park daguerrotypes were thrown to the floor, a large fire still burned,...

...and her entire absinthe supply was tossed carelessly about. This is an unspeakable crime!

The deed was committed on the eve of the celebrations for Guvnah Shang's fifth Rezday. Coincidence? This reporter thinks not.

At the risk of editorializing, we can only hope that the perpetrators of this foul deed are brought to justice forthwith, and dealt with as severely as the law permits!

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