Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Walking Around Victoria City

[Editor's note: photographs by Kathy Jameson; text by Rhianon.]

As I noted in my previous entry, Miss Bryndal Ellison's furniture store had left Victoria City. In its stead, Mr. Nix Sands is setting up a branch of his Xcentricity chain of clothing.

Much of the core of VC remains the same - the Silver Rose, the Library's meeting rooms (itself a relative newcomer), and, between the two, To-a-T. In front, the carts of free merchandise.

Looking the other way, the telehub, complete with top hat, remains in the center of the inner circle of buildings. The co-op and Mr. Magellan's men's clothing store remain in place. I was relieved.

On the outer ring, several changes were evident. Below, a sweets shop is in the process of being set up and stocked.

The Whitehorn Library and accompanying Reading Room are stalwarts of VC. The "rusted hulking structure," as it is dubbed, on the right, despite its appearance, is fairly new.

This residential house, near the border with Rothesay, is new. A stately town house, it blends in with the neighboring shops (the park is across the railway tracks), but still...residences in Victoria City! What will they think of next?

I asked the hack to leave me at the Guvnah's mansion. After I paid him and he drove off, I strolled the grounds, then wandered inside to look at the various maps of Caledon over the years.

Happy fourth anniversary to Caledon and Guvnah Shang!


Mako Magellan said...

Not quite as visible as the departure of Miss Ellison and Mr Pearse was that of Mr and Miss Messmer, who were founding members of the Caledon Creators Co-operative. Another change that I noticed just recently in the inner square is the replacement of Miss Ennui's shop by a new design.

Rhianon Jameson said...

I had heard of the departure of the Messmers. I did (do? very confusing nomenclature) not know them personally, though I knew of them, and, yes, another loss for the community - in this case, for the greater Steamlands community. Still, the Co-operative still lives, with Miss Hamer (among others?) coordinating things.

I must say I missed the redesign of Miss Ennui's store. (As an aside, sometimes I think the last-name creating Lindens had days when they were simply inspired. What a great choice of name! One hopes they thought it would be used ironically.) I did see that she was selling property in Tamrannoch, so I hope this is not prelude to any sort of exit. I own several pair of her ankle boots, and they're almost my default footwear in the Victorian-themed areas.