Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I don't know why this didn't really register with me before, but when I saw Dr. Mason's wagon again, advertising "Fortune Telling," "Sleight of Hand," "& Surgery," I did worry a bit about which service one would be getting. Am I being stitched up, or is it merely sleight of hand?

Ah well, far be it for me to tell a professional how to advertise his business! (And Dr. Mason, should you be reading this, remember that we tease because we love. Please do not turn me into a slimy creature, or send me far into the future (particularly the year 2008!))

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Darien Mason said...

No offense taken, my dear. Young nichus Berman offered to build a carriage for me, and this is the wonderful result, though the advertising does need to be...updated. After rescuing Cato Quan, we agreed that the next modifications will make it into a steampunk ambulance!