Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Kathy sent this dispatch from Nevaria.

Nevaria describes itself as a "heavy roleplaying sim," "inspired from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland." Dr. Fabre counts it as a steampunk-themed sim, although the steampunk elements are occasional, rather than throughout.

One starts in an anteroom filled with oversized chess pieces.

After drinking a potion (captioned "drink me," naturally), one is transported to the lower level of the city.

The Purgatory nightclub has some steampunk elements.

The snowman is pure steampunk.

On the upper level of the city, the mansion contains some nice steampunk elements, such as this picture of Alice having tea:

No roleplaying was going on either time I visited - traffic was quite light, in fact. Still, there are some residences and shops, the latter focusing on a somewhat playful goth theme.

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