Monday, December 15, 2008

Jessie's Girl

Kathy was skimming through The Making of Second Life , by Wagner James Au, when she came across a chapter on the Jessie Wall. This was before our time, but we had read about the Outlands and the battles therein. Kathy decided to pay a visit to see how things were going today.

Sure, the sign said "Danger," but was there really any? The place was deserted! Only some builds hinted at the area's military past. The barbed wire fence and helicopter were nice touches, but "Phreak Radio"? That didn't sound very military.

The barracks and the old German car said something about the military-industrial complex, though no one is quite certain what.
And then there is this trash pile. A shameful commentary in these environmentally-sensitive times.
Then again, if this dance hall is anything to go by, the motto of the Outlands is now "Make Love, Not War":
On the other hand, perhaps there is still a little danger involved. This gentleman seemed to have had better days:
Y'all come back now, y'hear?
A sign in the region suggested that everyone had decamped for something called New Jessie, so Kathy headed there next, still looking for a man in a uniform.

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