Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Signs of Winter

The snows came to Caledon early this year, and, when they came, the storms swept across the land with a rare ferocity. In the storms' wake, the new snowfall blanketed the region - deep and heavy in places, a mere dusting in others, but everywhere beautiful white, glistening in the sun. Coming so early in the season, would the snow last, or melt away and become just a memory? Either way, people enjoyed the moment. They came outside to make snow angels, or to take sleigh rides, or ice skate, or just to stand and admire Nature's work.

I flitted about, looking for signs of winter. Here are some of them.

Glengarry, the Margulis-Poppy estate:

Glengarry, the Lanzius-Beaumont property:

Downs, the Critter Farm:


Steam Sky City, Snow Angel Park:
I lounged in the large mug of hot chocolate - very relaxing, but almost impossible to get out of one's clothing!
'Tis the season...

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