Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jessie's Girl - The Sequel

Having visited Jessie, Kathy couldn't help but visit New Jessie, to see if things were a little hotter there.

The landing area seemed promising: "You can die here."

Teleporting to a combat area, she found herself inside a deep bunker. She climbed out to...a city street. Where, apparently, they don't change gasoline prices too often.

Black Power is still in vogue, too.

The juxtaposition of the pawn shop, selling guns, and the hospital struck Kathy's funny bone, and the Waffle House added a touch of banality. Nicely done!

Kathy boarded her SSA-1871 Steamray to perform aeriel surveilance of the area. Unfortunately, this attracted some unwanted attention. Everywhere she flew, she was shadowed by a young lady, dressed as some sort of warrior. Determined to land and leave the area, she had just enough time to set the aircraft on the roof of an apartment building before the young lady approached to within 18 meters and then...

...that was the end of the adventure. What did you think happened? At any rate, the good folk of New Jessie do seem to take this combat thing seriously.

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