Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Steampunk Toys

Kathy Jameson reports:

Rising high above the ruins of an old Greek town on SOL Solution Island (with a welcoming gent doffing his hat) lies the JD Mechanical Toy Factory.

A dodgy-looking rope seat conveys one to the lower landing spot, at which point a rickety ladder is the only way up to the main level.

Moored outside the factory is the JD Zeppelin.

A certain redhead had to sit in the captain's chair.

A mechanical man would push her around in ease and style.
Kathy finishes, "The shop has various steampunk goodies for sale - including a boat! I had to have the boat, and, if anyone is looking for me, I shall be steaming through the Realm of the Roses."


Anonymous said...

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