Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ban Lines are Uncivilized

At the risk of wading into a touchy subject...one of the things I like about Caledon is the prohibition on ban lines around properties. This is one of the many frustrations with the Mainland - one can hardly move around thanks to all the ban lines. I was surprised to find two properties in Steelhead with ban lines (one of which was apparently because I did not have payment information on file with a certain Lab - I ask you, what's the point of that?). The whole thing seems quite anti-social, even for a loner like me. Residents using this device should really reconsider.


TotalLunar Eclipse said...

Greetings, I am Lunar one of the coowners and managers of Steelhead City. I agree fully that ban lines are uncivil to a point in private sims where traffic is policed by law enforcement. that is why there is a NO BAN policy set in steelhead's covenant agreement that must be approved by all of our renters and vendors before moving in.

That you saw a ban line in Steelhead is a breech of that contract and next time you are in our fair city and see such a thing I would hope you could drop me a notecard informing me of the infraction which is right now being handled as I send this.

Regards, TotalLunar Eclipse

Rhianon Jameson said...

Hello again, sir! (If you recall, we met one evening as I strolled through Steelhead. And if you have forgotten, I immortalized it, my faux pas and all, in an earlier bloviation of mine.) Thank you for your reply - and I did not know of the policy in the Steelhead covenant, but it seems a good one to me.

I hope I did not sound too strident, and I meant no insult to your fair land. I just find ban lines so unwelcoming. Some prefer not to have strangers wandering inside their homes, and I certainly respect that, although what a simple "Private" sign does not accomplish a security system usually does. Although I do not bother with locking the door to my residences - look around all you want, just don't leave tea stains on any cups you use - I can sympathize with those who do. And I have no problem banning individuals who fail to respect boundaries.

I'll confess that my name is on at least one ban list for naughty behavior - no, not that kind of naughty behavior! - when I made the dual mistakes of failing to respect well-marked boundaries and leaving fingerprints behind. (Both rookie mistakes.) I don't blame the home owner in the least. But I do wonder at folks who are not interested in having their structures seen up close. After all, it strikes me that if the visual aspect of our environment is unimportant, we might as well have stayed on text-based networks!