Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Static on the AM Radio

I visited AM Radio's latest creation, "The Refuge and the Expansion", spread across two sims (and a "hidden" third). Arriving at the telehub, I was greeted by some...high-spirited people who invited me to join in their celebration. I'm not sure what they were celebrating, but they certainly enjoyed it. I remarked that it was like materializing into a Phillip K. Dick novel.

I came across an old gasoline station, with a car pulled up to the pumps, a Jeep to one side, the inevitable Coke machine inside...

...and disturbing evidence that Mary Poppins was here, and departed in a hurry, leaving behind her umbrella, hat, and overnight case.

Among the wheat fields stood a solitary farm house, nestled behind the telephone wires.

Inside, on the first floor, clicking on an old violin gives a link to a machinima about the sim, beautifully executed. Upstairs, some of the equipment was mine for the clicking, er, taking. In the attic, touching the (ahem) radio equipment yielded a landmark to the final sim.

Not having had my fill of AM Radio today, I re-visited "The Quiet", an aptly-named project consisting of a solitary cabin in a snow-covered field, with the afternoon sunlight reflecting off the window.

I stood inside the cabin, by the water basin and pump. The warmth inside was in stark contrast to the cold outside.

On the shelf over the bed stood a number of mementos, pictures of a time or place long gone, perhaps.

The bed offered the chance to dream, but I chose instead to sit in front of the window in the fading sunlight, lost for the moment in contemplation...

The detail and the use of perspective in all these builds was nothing short of amazing. Yet each is vaguely disturbing in a way that I cannot explain.

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