Monday, August 11, 2008

Descension - Goth Goes Family-Friendly

I found myself in Descension, a gothic "community," as it bills itself, and lost in contemplation.

Perhaps I was contemplating whether I really wanted to abandon all hope. The dark mists are certainly conducive to it. But I rallied, and wandered about the community.

Like Caledon, it mixed residential structures and commercial ventures. A nightclub, a photography business specializing in "the darker side of imagery," a hedge maze, the obligatory BSDM/sex castle (not that I saw it in action, so to speak), and...a playground. Well, at least the children were a few meters away from the BSDM hangout.

Of course, what self-respecting goth community would lack a creepy graveyard?

And - who knew? - goths like En Garde, too!

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