Thursday, August 7, 2008

School Daze, Or: The Caledon School for Good Citizens

Rhianon is away this weekend, so she asked me (Kathy) to relay a tale for you.
As a new citizen, I spent the day attending Caledon's citizenship school. The cirriculum included: how to address the nobility; when and how to bow and curtsy; dressing for social occasions; and, most of all, the Duties and Obligations that attend to the good citizen.
Teacher was cute, but I'm afraid that was not sufficient to hold my attention on a warm summer day. I felt myself drifting into a reverie...cheering crowds, shaking hands with the Guvnah, waving to the crowd, receiving the key to the city...
When I woke, class was over and Teacher looked disapproving. Consequently, if I do not know proper dress, speech, or behavior, it's not really my fault!

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Teacher should have spanked you, Kathy.