Sunday, August 17, 2008

Peated Whisky in Months Without an "R"

Business took me to Cape Wrath, and I had a little time on my hands, so I stopped in Mr. Roy Smashcan's pub, The Norseman. As I sat on the barstool, sipping on a nice Laphroig despite the unseasonably warm August day, I reflected on the terrible prejudice against heavily peated whiskies during warm months.

It is true that the peat flavor, usually accompanied by the briny taste of many Islay whiskies, warms one nicely on a cold winter's day. It's just the thing for sipping underneath a blanket, next to your significant other.

At the same time, the whisky is delightful on a warm summer day, with a few ice cubes instead of water (go ahead, whisky snobs, and let the carping begin). Take a sip, put down the glass, watch the sweat bead and run down the side of the glass. Take another sip. A small trickle of sweat runs down the nape of your neck, then evaporates in the breeze. Another sip. You are perhaps wearing a short linen dress, and you fan yourself idly while thinking of a pleasant vacation you had. In contrast to drinking a Laphroig in the middle of winter, your summer Laphroig is better sipped alone, contemplating missed opportunities and lost loves as well as happier times.

Beware sipping too long, however. I cannot be responsible for your actions at that point.

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