Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Get a (Second) Life!

Dispatch from Mainland reporter Kathy Jameson:

For quite some time I was too busy - or too lazy - to switch my "Home" location from the Welcome Area to which I found myself when I first arrived on the Mainland. Although I never stayed long, my impression was that there were long-time residents who just liked to linger at the Welcome Area...for no purpose other than to impress the Newly Arrived with how clever they were. ("Clever" being in the eye of the (usually sophomoric) beholder.) The whole grid to explore, but they chose to stay to play with - and often grief - newcomers.

I decided to do an unscientific study of the situation. I hovered above Ahern and then Waterhead Welcome Area, took pictures, and checked the profiles of as many in the area as I could. I note two caveats: first, a substantial fraction of people at both areas were new (rezzed within the past two months, which I thought was a fairly generous definition), so the grizzled old residents shown below are by no means the only habitues of the areas. Second, although I excluded anyone with a "mentor" tag or with a mentoring group in his profile, it is possible that some were engaged in mentoring activities anyway.

Without further ado, I give you the Welcome Area Hangers-On Gang:

First up, from Ahern, we have the delightful Martian in the center of the picture, with a space helmet on, carring a ray gun of some sort, smoking...well, it's clear he's smoking. The cigarette does not appear to be tobacco-based. Rez date: 3/7/08. The woman next to him dressed like a lady of the evening has a rez date of 3/13/08.

Also at Ahern, this woman rezzed on 5/29/08. It seems that she has spent the intervening months stretched out on the rack, giving her the Gumby-like appearance. Her blouse is also stretched, suggesting she did not spend much time searching for fashion. Or hair. (The horse in the background is described as a mentor.)

This gentleman at Ahern has a rez date of 6/30/07. Just hangin' around the ol' Welcome Area after a year. Other rez dates observed: 2/16/08, 1/24/08, 1/30/07, 12/9/06, and 9/3/06. Wow, and I thought I had no ambitions!

Moving over to Waterhead, we find this twosome engaged in conversation. The woman on the left rezzed 11/20/07 and the cat woman with the Hannibal Lecter mask rezzed 11/19/06.

Finally, we have this group below. The zaftig young lady on the left has a rez date of 7/31/06, making her the winner this evening, over two years old. The lady with the tail is a comparative child at 5/31/08. The man in black - also carrying a gun (what is it with being armed against noobies? They can hardly shoot back) - arrived 3/3/07. And another oldie but goodie, and one who clearly has not learned any manners in the 21 months since he arrived, has a charming tag that reads "I Mute [Name of Major U.S. Political Party]". Then again, I found that to be useful information, as it saved me the trouble of being polite to him.

For goodness' sake, folks, get a life! Move on!

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