Saturday, August 2, 2008

An Evening Stroll Through the Downs

A pleasant evening deserves a pleasant stroll. Stepping from my cottage at the border with Glengarry and heading east, I see the Steampunk Resource Centre across the street (wave to Sea Beaumont and Molly Lundquist). My next-door neighbor, Jer Mannonen, has erected The Canter's End - it's at least the third structure on the site, so there's always something new with Mr. Mannonen! - and next to it is the Canvas & Quill Tea Room and Caledon Education Society, by Miss Web Hax. Across the street is Faulkes and Ferrentino, supplying home furnishings, and next to Mr. Edmund Faulkes' establishment is Foxworth Manor, followed by Commonwealth land. Next to Miss Hax is the property of Mr. Xeriko Melnik - empty now, so I eagerly anticipate what will come next! - and Miss Reghan Straaf's establishment, Hatpins.

Across the train tracks are two large properties: on the left is the Caledon Downs Airfield, owned by Mr. Bubba Daniels; on the right is the Happy Trails Horse Farm of Miss Ladyartista Labrada. In front of the Airfield, by the train tracks, is Mr. Thadicus Caligari's property, with the large airship on it at present.

Moving south, toward South End, on the right is the estate of Miss Nympheas Nogah, filled with flowers and a fountain. Beyond that, tucked away from the road, is Aytan Manor, home of Mr. Nasrullah Atlas.

Retracing our steps and turning left (north) at the junction, on the left is Miss Belle Shepherd's Grandma's Graphics, and beyond that is Mr. Nikola Swindlehurst's estate.

Down the hill, by the lake and facing Tamrannoch, are four more properties: that of Miss Fizz Okame, my somewhat grander (and more Gothic) second property, the lovely gardens and tree house of Miss Poula Phouk, and the estate of Miss Madeleine Munro.

Finally, heading back to the Steampunk Resource Centre and down the hill, toward South End, Professor Swindlehurt has another piece of property, over which an airship is moored, and Miss Avariel Falcoln hosts the Tesla Society Headquarters, with the Wardenclyffe Tesla Tower. The last property before heading into South End is that of Jim Lumiere, owner of Gestalt (the "This and That Market").

I head home, up the hill and to my little cottage, having burned enough calories to enjoy my post-prandial martini!

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