Friday, August 29, 2008

On the Playing of Roles

Here I am, stopped at the border to Tombstone. Why do I not pass through? I am told that Tombstone is a “role playing” area involving gunplay. Mind you, I am not shocked by gunplay, and I have no animosity toward those who enjoy role playing; it is merely that I prefer not to combine the two. You see, the concept of “fair play” when it comes to violence is an odd one to me. If, hypothetically, I should draw the conclusion that person X should no longer live, and that, for whatever reason, I must be the cause of his demise, the last thing I want is a fair fight. I want an overwhelming use of force. I want stealth. I want subterfuge. I want Ordinal Enterprises behind me. Ideally, Person X should depart to the next world without knowing what hit him.

Fortunately for all concerned, I try to maintain a cheerful demeanor and good relations with all around me so that the subject does not arise all too often. For example, the sign does say "kindly," which takes out a little of the sting of being unwanted. As does this picture, taken much earlier, from inside the forbidden zone. (Shhh, don't tell!)

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Hotspur O'Toole said...

Tombstone has historically displayed a somewhat bewildering, almost hostile approach to newcomers that I have fallen victim to in the distant past. I can't fathom how this sim continues to operate with such an insular approach to folks who might be interested in the Wild West. I know I am, but not in this sim. Fortunately, there's Deadwood, and to a lesser extent, Steelhead.