Saturday, August 16, 2008

Journey to Steelhead

Late last night found me on a long journey by rail. The train stopped in Steelhead, a 19th century U.S. Pacific Northwest town. I had several hours before we departed again while the train crew restocked the coal and other provisions. Finding myself in the commons, I sat for a moment in front of the train tracks and engine, wondering if the fog would lift. If so, I vowed to stroll through the town.
It soon did, and I walked the empty streets - or nearly empty, as I was to find out - admiring the architecture. Not surprisingly, perhaps, a number of the shops had names that were familiar to Caledonians.
The area is as much residential as commercial, and contained what appeared to be navigable waterways, and docking space for airships.
As daylight broke, I realized I was not truly alone. Mr. TotalLunar Eclipse, Manager of Steelhead Estates, came to survey the land. (Herein lies a valuable lesson: do not guess the gender of another until he or she has fully rezzed. I did so after seeing the long hair and...guessed incorrectly. Mr. Eclipse was good-natured about it, fortunately.)
The magnificent City Hall rises among the pine trees,...

...while even Elvis makes an appearance.
The town, though small, is enchanting, and well worth a visit - or an overnight stop on one's way back to Caledon.

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