Monday, July 27, 2009

Blending the Real and Unreal in Steelhead

One of the things that makes Steelhead unique among the Steamlands is its frequent use of historical buildings, generally from the Pacific Northwest, in the sims. Now Steelhead's Museum of Historical Preservation, curated by Miss Eladrienne Laval, is open in Harborside. As Miss Laval notes, the building itself is a recreation "inspired by the real-life 1897 Antelope Community Church located in Antelope," Oregon.

The many buildings in Steelhead that are recreations of, modeled after, or inspired by, actual buildings, mainly in the Pacific Northwest (Doc Wrangler's shop is modeled after a building in Philadelphia, and the Justice League's headquarters is modeled after Union Station in Cincinnati) are now marked with a "Steelhead in Real Life" stele, which will provide information on the historic structure.

One such example is the Steelhead Post Office, below (also build by Miss Laval).

Inside the museum, photographs of the Steelhead buildings and their counterparts (one hesitates to use the value-laden term "real life," particularly as I maintain that the life in which I happen to exist is the real one) line the walls. Clicking on them provides information about the historical building (often via an Aetherweb link) or the Steelhead counterpart.

One can only wait to see what Steelhead Shangai brings...

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