Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The New Steampunk Resource Centre

My friend and neighbor, Miss Sea Beaumont, has reopened the Steampunk Resource Centre in Caledon Downs, on the Glengarry border and not far from South End. The original center (or centre, as the case may be; my typist's Colonial fingers are reluctant to spell it the second way) was an enormously helpful resource for those new to Steampunk, provided useful landmarks to other SL Steampunk areas, gave links to Steampunk-themed YouTube videos, and had a variety of free Steampunk goodies.

I am pleased to report that all of the above features are back, along with Steamperk, the center's coffee shop. The "old warehouse" texture of the building remains the same, although the structure has been reworked radically.

Though still on three levels, the structure is not as tall as before, the top level not quite reaching the sidewalk above (where a certain Journalist's house can be seen peeking over the cliff top). Some of the information, as well as the free goods, as outside, with information about real-life Steampunk authors on the right, and the freebies scattered in front of the statue and to the left.

Inside are other links, including the aforementioned links to YouTube videos, SL Steampunk sites, and information on Steampunk "pioneers" (or historical precursors to Steampunks, or historical touchstones, as one prefers), such as Tesla and Brunel. As the sign on the wall indicates, right upstairs is...

...Steamperk Coffee, a place to sit and enjoy a refreshing top-off of caffeine.

The top level consists of a patio and bench, from which one can enjoy the view of the south of the Downs, and a small Laboratory, wherein a scientist may Delve into Things that should not be Disturbed.

The entire Centre, facing Glengarry.

Welcome back, SRC! We missed you!

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