Monday, July 20, 2009

RFL - Metropolis

Caledonians were also responsible for the Metropolis, an Art Deco homage to Fritz Lang's film of the same name. Miss Kamilah Hauptmann created the concept and design, adding a narrative of ancient solar mythology to the build to represent "the turning of destruction to a power for healing." Her Lyonesse also created the spotlights, the animated climb up the Sears Building, the Sun Throne, and various artefacts related to the mythology. Mr. Wrath Constantine and Miss Ceidru Gothly created the Art Deco steam train, some aircraft, and various embellishments, and Miss Virrginia Tombola created the replica of the Chrysler Building. (One wonders what it will be called now.) Miss SimplyAmy Iwish created additional aircraft for the build.

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