Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cape Wrath in Twilight

I found myself in Cape Wrath near sunset, when the fading light creates a warm orange hue in the lengthening shadows. It's a wonderful time of the day, particularly this far north, where the cooling breeze off the sea makes a stroll so pleasant.

I paused in Mr. Steed Ballinger's garden, admiring the fountain.

Mr. Ballinger's house is an imposing structure.

Miss Vickie Wunderland, interested in the well-being of Caledon's Youth, had constructed a schoolhouse for the education of the little whippersnappers. When I arrived, school was out of session, so I stepped inside.

"Be Honest, Truthful, and Pure. Keep out of Bad Company." *cough* Yes, well, one tries. Do you hear that, Kathy? May I pick, say, two out of the four and call it good?

I relive my days at the Reade School back in New Alba - from the other side of the podium. It's a little daunting from here!

Miss Wunderland has not neglected the adults, either. She has a quaint tavern near the sea.

I stopped inside for a refreshing Adult Beverage (though I note she also serves coffee).

Thus restored, I took a stroll on the beach in front of the tavern, walking in the fading light.

As an historical note, this is the same site but two months ago. Nothing is constant but change...

As the darkness fell, I bid adieu to Cape Wrath and strolled under the starlight toward Brigadoon.

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