Sunday, July 26, 2009

Woodget Botanic Curiosities and Carntaigh Park

Mr. Rudolfo Woodget dedicated his open-air shop today with a small gathering and dance. I arrived a little late, at which point Miss Gabrielle Riel was continuing to play Celtic tunes, with Mr. Woodget, Miss Abigail Raymaker, and Frau Annechin Lowey dancing along.

I wandered the site, admiring the dedication with which Mr. Woodget and Mr. Layleden Miles collected this trove. To quote the proprietor:

I am pleased to announce that, through the industrious explorations of my colleague, Mr. Jayleden Miles, I have recently gained possession of a quantity of rare and exotic items of the botanical variety: various furnishings and conveniences suitable for adorning the gardens on one's country estate, the promendades at one's summer villa or, indeed the modest courtyard of one's townhouse. Many of these unusual decorative items are endowed with certain curious properties: the sounds of birdcall, for example, or the generation of those "fairy lights" which have caused such excitement among the fashionable set. Whether these properties be the result of enchantment or mechanical steampunkery, I am not at liberty to say.

Above the ground, kept aloft through powerful balloons, is a platform filled with most unusual carousels.

Near the end of the event, Mr. Woodget had a Special Announcement, in which he dedicated the park across from his shop as "Carntaigh Green," in honor of the late Caledon Carntaigh, home of Miss Riel until last year. Though Her Grace was driven from her home in Caledon, Mr. Woodget ensured that the name Carntaigh will not be forgotten. Bravo, sir!

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