Monday, July 13, 2009

Breakfast in Babbage

Saturday morning found me in Babbage, where Mr. Pearse kindly started our day (or ended it, for some - I continually find it confusing how we can all be dancing in the same room, but some insist that it is not, in fact, early morning) with "novelty, fun, silly, and weird." I think the Russian Army Choir singing "Down Under" qualified on all four counts.

The Clarendon - Radio Riel's home in Babbage - attracted a large crowd that only grew over the course of the events, so the motley collection below is by no means a complete enumeration of all who enjoyed the Duke's eclectic Victrola record collection.

Miss Elspeth Wooley and Mr. Mako Magellan dance.

His Grace, Lord Primbroke, Duke of Argyll, Mr. Edward Pearse, and his Very Distinguished smoking jacket, tartan pajama pants, and bunny slippers.

I do...whatever it is I do.

Mr. Gerco Zwier.

Resident Pixie, Miss Fuschia Begonia, dances with Clockwinder Tenk.

Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, looking distressingly distinguished for such an early hour.

Miss Searra Weatherwax, watching the action.

Miss Bookworm Hienrichs, left, and Miss Gabrielle Riel. Miss Riel, though ailing, rallied through the event, thanks to several cups of strong tea. At least, she said it was tea, and who am I to dispute the word of the Prim Minister?

Miss Dracona Lisle, left, and Miss Gizmo Theas.

The lovely and gracious Duchess of Argylle, Christine McAllister.

Miss Elleon Bergamasco.

Miss Breezy Carver, in a dress I coveted.

A pajama-clad Miss Tehanu Marenwolf, too cute for words.

The dance floor at the Clarendon.

I was delighted that I had the opportunity to attend - so many events are at awkward times. Mr. Pearse threatened promised to hold similar breakfasts, and I hope I will be able to return and hear more of his most unusual music collection.


Breezy Carver said...

Miss Jameson ,
What a delightful review of a Most fun event !!!!
ever Miss Carver
(( such a treat to finally meet !))

Rhianon Jameson said...

Thank you, Miss Carver, for the kind words, and I enjoyed meeting you in person as well. (I really need to get out more!)

It's funny how I find myself feeling as though I've met people even though I know them only through blogs and discussion boards and nings. This virtual plays with the mind. :)

Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Wonderful pictures!

Thank you for posting these.