Friday, July 3, 2009

Victoriana to Shengri La

More evidence that the continents move about: once upon a time, there was Victoriana, and there was Shengri La. The former was a small but growing collection of lands that was Victorian themed, while the latter housed the Fashion Research Institute and several small art galleries. Equal, but separate, as one might say. (We visited Victoriana here and Shengri La here.)

Recently, while studying a newly-issued map, I noticed that the two lands had moved close together - close enough that they might as well be touching. I started my journey in the new Victoriana Arctic, aboard my small steam boat.

I meet a native.

I next steamed to Victoriana Atlantic, where I explored Fort Victoriana before moving westward.

The problem with a steam boat is that it produces, um, steam. Steam can be difficult to see through. If the steam is produced through the burning of coal, it also produces a sooty residue and this, too, is difficult to see through. A possible consequence is that one may find one's self foundered upon some hitherto unseen rocks.

Making the best of a bad situation, I discovered a horse and proceded to explore the islands of Shengri La.

The art galleries were just they had been before.

Eventually, a nice fisherman appeared on the shore. He was returning to Victoriana, and kindly agreed to transport me as well. All ended happily except, of course, I was out one steam boat.

(N.B. Mr. Mako Magellan observed that Atlantis Rising, which had formerly abutted Caledon, was now located some distance away. Will these blasted islands not stay put?)

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